About Us

Blue Tex Sourcing is a 100% Export Oriented Fabrics manufacturer and supplier in Bangladesh. We have involved in the Textile Weaving & Dyeing Business with more than 12 years of experience in garments industry, and Textile weaving Business for last Five years and have been successfully producing quality fabrics in the export market of Bangladesh.

We have quality control laboratory which helps us to ensure the production of right quality fabrics. Our experienced quality assurance/control team are mostly high skilled people who are playing the rule to ensure the qualities of the product are as per customer’s requirement. We give emphasis on customer perception. For this reason, our products are being produced as per buyer’s own design, measurement and sample.

We have the ability to structure our global production and communication processes in a format that is efficient and simplified for quick and accurate execution. Our systems compliment the day to day reality and needs for quick lead times and competitive pricing.

To maintain a good standard exchange of communication to our international customers we take it into consideration that all our people can communicate and be able to deliver in a proper way the information needed by customers to avoid misunderstanding and ambiguity.

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