Our Products

All kinds of Fabric (Twill Fabrics, Canvas Fabrics, MATT OXFORD, DOBBY FABRICS, Poplin / Fine Fabrics, Sheeting Fabrics, Pocketing Fabrics), Poly, Tape Products, Thread Products, Zipper, Elastic etc.
Paper Products : Photo Card, Price Tag, Hang Tag, Size Sticker, Barcode Sticker, Photo Sticker Back, Board Neck Board, Tissue Paper, Price Tag etc.
Poly (Film) Products : Normal Poly, Blister Poly, Adhesive Poly, OPP Poly etc.
Plastics Products : P.P. Band, Plastic Clip, Collar Insert, Metal Clip, Tag pin, all kinds of Stopper & Buckle etc.
Ribbon Products : Woven Main & Size Label, Printed Main & Size Label, Reference Label etc.

Blue Tex Sourcing more product line specially Printed Barcode label, Thermal Blank sticker, thermal ribbon & also thermal printer.

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